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BHA started providing sexual health promotion and HIV support and prevention services in 1990. Today, we deliver the Arise HIV Support Service for Black & Minority Ethnic Communities living with HIV in Manchester; and in Yorkshire the Leeds Skyline Service, which provides support services for all individuals and families living with HIV in Leeds as well as HIV prevention services for African communities living in Leeds.

A healthy community has access to information and access to services that meet its needs, and is able to make informed choices. Healthy communities feel safe and secure to voice their opinions, contribute to society and feel part of society. This is why BHA delivers services in a number of key areas such as: supporting newly arrived families and supporting those affected by Hepatitis C.

Through hosting several LINK networks and managing the Manchester Race and Health Project, BHA strives to give communities a stronger voice in their health and social care services.


Leading, facilitating and influencing the development of an equitable health and social care system for Black and Minority Ethnic, disadvantaged and other marginalised communities.


To enable us to deliver effectively, we need to have core values and principles that are reflected in the way we work and how we relate to a wide range of stakeholders. Our core values, principles and ethos are the way in which we relate to each other as an organisation as well as how we communicate and interact with our communities, with other purchasers, providers and commissioners in the voluntary statutory and community sectors. Our ethos is based on the following principles:

  • Respect for individual and community diversity and the acknowledgement and celebration of difference as a positive within all communities.
  • Commitment to continual development, improvement in services and initiatives developed and offered by BHA, quality assurance and effective use of resources within the organisation.
  • Partnership and collaborative working.
  • Probity.
  • Equity of provision and access to all our services by all sectors of the diverse communities we work with.
  • To be a learning organisation and provide an environment where risk is managed effectively and staff are enabled to be part of the learning process.
  • Personal and professional development opportunities for staff, volunteers and board members.
  • Commitment to evaluating our work and its impact on all our stakeholders including service users.

Role within HPE

BHA4E will coordinate the African communities local delivery services across all areas of England and work with the African communities local delivery providers.. These services will be linked to the HPE’s campaigns, and will provide face to face support to help people reduce their risk taking, as well as increasing access to community HIV testing. BHA4E will also lead on faith communities engagement work within HPE.

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